Coralia The Mermaid Dancer

Hi my name is Coralia.

My parents got my name from an 18th century ballet, coincidentally or not I’m also a dancer.

My specialty is belly dance. I love how the movement flows naturally with the water’s. I live and teach in the Caribbean Sea around Antigua. Last week was spent in Santorini Greece teaching a hip motion workshop.

The Merpeople in that area were beautiful, not to mention the architecture & the food. Omg I think I must have put on two
pounds one the first day alone lol!! Any time you’re around the Caribbean & in the mood for a fun way to keep fit give me a call.

Chat soon Merbabes!

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Misty The Mermaid Event Coordinator

Hey there, I’m Misty. I’m an event coordinator.

When I’m not organising events, I’m an avid raver & festival girl.

I was just at Coachella this weekend. I still have goosebumps from Queen Bea’s performance. It was amazing! I love organising events & bringing my client’s visions to life; birthday parties, weddings & parties. I adore interacting with Merpeople both at my job and at festivals. I’m very big on socialising.

Oh, & did I mention I love dressing up & being extra. Any opportunity I get to dress up I take it. I’m already planning my outfit for Coachella 2019. My sense of style is a mix of couture, pret-a-porter & just fun, like my unicorn ears. When next you need an event coordinator be sure to drop me a sea-mail.

Sea you later Mer-dolls!

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Aqua The Hair Stylist Mermaid

Hi, I’m Aqua.

I’m a Mermaid hair stylist. My salon is located in the Greece Ocean.

As much as I love my salon, I’m always travelling to learn, attending beauty seminars where I meet many beauty industry gurus. The last one I attended I met makeup legend Trout Surratt! He’s most well known for his training in & love for the artistry he learned in the Japanese Ocean.

He was so happy with my work he booked me for a shoot in Los Atlantis! I have never worked in LA before, and I’m so excited!!

I’ll be working alongside Trout for a cover shoot for North Atlantic Vogue featuring beautiful fashion mer-model Brook.

I am truly bubbled by this. I’ll be doing some vlogging while on set next week. I hope you Merbabes will tune in.

See you Merbabes then!

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Fen the DJ Mermaid

Hello, I’m Fen, globally known as DJ Mermaid.

I travel the world spreading art & good vibes via music. Coachella 2017 was my biggest performance so far. It was an amazing experience that went swimmingly well. I do a lot of mixes, but I have to say my favorite genres are Soca, EDM, dancehall & classical. Yes, classical. Before finding myself on the turn tables for many years, I took violin lessons. I’m currently working on a style called Merdance Music; MDM for short. It’s currently all the rage in Japan & Canada.


Wow! I just got an exciting email! I’m booked for Coachella 2018! Mertastic! I can’t wait! See you there guys. Till next we chat DJ Mermaid out!

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Darya The Lawyer Mermaid

Hi, I’m Darya. I live close to Pigeon Point Beach in Tobago.

I am originally from the sister Isle Trinidad, but after passing the bar I moved here to open my own legal office.

One of my indulgences is eating a lot of the sweets that Tobago is known for, my favorite is sugar cake. If I’m lucky enough when I swim to the port where the boat that ferries between Trinidad and Tobago docks I get pineapple sugar cake which is absolutely to die for!


My absolute favorite thing about living here is the Tobago Jazz festival. Every year different international artists are featured.

You should really come with me if you are on the island for the festival! Bye till next time!


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Mira The Yoga Mermaid

Hello, my name is Mira, which means ocean in Sanskrit. I love the Indian Ocean where I own my yoga studio; Tadasa yoga. Tadasa is one of my favourite yoga poses. It’s very calming & centring. Yoga has been part of my life from early childhood.


My guru is also my mom. She started Tadasa Yoga Studio when I was just two years old & when I came of age, she left it to me so she could pursue her retirement travelling the world. That is definitely goals! She emails me frequently on her travels. Recently, she sent me a picture from Paris with my cousin Brook having sea foam lattes.


I was a bit nervous to follow in my mom’s tail swims as it was more than just a studio, I was also getting her students. Those are big flippers to fill!! She was amazing as a guru & has this fantastic calm aura about her which she often transferred to her students during classes. I quickly learned that no one expected me to be my mom, but myself.



Yoga keeps me centred & serene. I love helping my students to feel this way as well through asana practice. It would be amazing for you to join us one day.


Till then Namasté or as we say under the ocean Mermasté.


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Brook The Sexy Mermaid Model

Bonjour! My name is Brook. I’m a Mermaid model.

I currently live in the Seine River in Paris. The fashion scene here is amazing!!! I do at least five photo shoots per week & during fashion week I swim all the best runways.

I’m also the face & spokes model for Merwaters premium bubbly water.

I feel so fortunate to have so many opportunities & a flourishing modelling career so I give back to my community. On many Sundays, I swim to the Pont  Neuf Bridge where I offer free runway swimming training to young aspiring Mermaid models for free. I hope this will give them the added edge they need.

After this, I go to my favourite café, Café Sur Seine for a little indulgence, a seaweed & chocolate croissant & a delicious sea foam coffee. Models do eat as well lol! If you ever find yourself in Siene on a Sunday afternoon maybe you can join me. Au Revoir until next time!


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Kai The Tanning Mermaid

Hi! I’m Kai which is Hawaiian for Sea.

No, I’m not of Hawaiian descent, but I was born in the Alalakeiki Channel between Kahoolawe and Maui.

I love the warm waters and the sun around the Hawaiian Islands. You can often find me tanning off the coast of Maui.

I also have an amazing sunglasses collection; eye protection is very important when you love the sun.

Skin protection is also important when tanning is your favourite thing to do, especially for mermaids. Tanning lotions and oils with protective properties are necessary for my skin care regiment.

Next time you’re in the area hit me up! We can totally tan together. Aloha!


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