Fen the DJ Mermaid

Hello, I’m Fen, globally known as DJ Mermaid.

I travel the world spreading art & good vibes via music. Coachella 2017 was my biggest performance so far. It was an amazing experience that went swimmingly well. I do a lot of mixes, but I have to say my favorite genres are Soca, EDM, dancehall & classical. Yes, classical. Before finding myself on the turn tables for many years, I took violin lessons. I’m currently working on a style called Merdance Music; MDM for short. It’s currently all the rage in Japan & Canada.


Wow! I just got an exciting email! I’m booked for Coachella 2018! Mertastic! I can’t wait! See you there guys. Till next we chat DJ Mermaid out!

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