Aqua The Hair Stylist Mermaid

Hi, I’m Aqua.

I’m a Mermaid hair stylist. My salon is located in the Greece Ocean.

As much as I love my salon, I’m always travelling to learn, attending beauty seminars where I meet many beauty industry gurus. The last one I attended I met makeup legend Trout Surratt! He’s most well known for his training in & love for the artistry he learned in the Japanese Ocean.

He was so happy with my work he booked me for a shoot in Los Atlantis! I have never worked in LA before, and I’m so excited!!

I’ll be working alongside Trout for a cover shoot for North Atlantic Vogue featuring beautiful fashion mer-model Brook.

I am truly bubbled by this. I’ll be doing some vlogging while on set next week. I hope you Merbabes will tune in.

See you Merbabes then!

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