Mira The Yoga Mermaid

Hello, my name is Mira, which means ocean in Sanskrit. I love the Indian Ocean where I own my yoga studio; Tadasa yoga. Tadasa is one of my favourite yoga poses. It’s very calming & centring. Yoga has been part of my life from early childhood.


My guru is also my mom. She started Tadasa Yoga Studio when I was just two years old & when I came of age, she left it to me so she could pursue her retirement travelling the world. That is definitely goals! She emails me frequently on her travels. Recently, she sent me a picture from Paris with my cousin Brook having sea foam lattes.


I was a bit nervous to follow in my mom’s tail swims as it was more than just a studio, I was also getting her students. Those are big flippers to fill!! She was amazing as a guru & has this fantastic calm aura about her which she often transferred to her students during classes. I quickly learned that no one expected me to be my mom, but myself.



Yoga keeps me centred & serene. I love helping my students to feel this way as well through asana practice. It would be amazing for you to join us one day.


Till then Namasté or as we say under the ocean Mermasté.


Join Mira & her friends by downloading the Mermatude app on the Apple & Google play stores!!


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