Brook The Sexy Mermaid Model

Bonjour! My name is Brook. I’m a Mermaid model.

I currently live in the Seine River in Paris. The fashion scene here is amazing!!! I do at least five photo shoots per week & during fashion week I swim all the best runways.

I’m also the face & spokes model for Merwaters premium bubbly water.

I feel so fortunate to have so many opportunities & a flourishing modelling career so I give back to my community. On many Sundays, I swim to the Pont  Neuf Bridge where I offer free runway swimming training to young aspiring Mermaid models for free. I hope this will give them the added edge they need.

After this, I go to my favourite café, Café Sur Seine for a little indulgence, a seaweed & chocolate croissant & a delicious sea foam coffee. Models do eat as well lol! If you ever find yourself in Siene on a Sunday afternoon maybe you can join me. Au Revoir until next time!


Join Brook & her friends by downloading the Mermatude app on the Apple & Google play stores!!


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